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Entries must be in by: 14th June

1. Choose a category

2. Complete a nomination form

3. Submit your form online (HERE) or download a copy (HERE) & send by post 

Please tell us in no more than 300 words why you think this young person deserves this award.

This year our theme is EXPLORERS - people who have shown a sense of adventure, who were not put off by what was thought to be impossible and who showed tenacity, courage and perseverance despite the challenges they faced.


We're looking for young people who show some of these same traits. If you know a remarkable young person who fits into one of these categories, then tell us about them!


At this stage we do not need any contact details for the young person- just the details of the person nominating them. Winners are then invited- with their family to a special event where they will be treated like royalty and their accomplishments acknowledged by the wider community.



All young people nominated will receive a certificate and a letter congratulating them on their nomination even if they are not shortlisted.


Mary Kingsley: Overcoming difficulties 

We are looking for a young person who like Mary Kingsley has gone through difficult times in their lives and have come out the other side a stronger person.

Neil Armstrong: Going above and beyond

Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the Moon. We are looking for a young person who has also gone above and beyond.  

Amelia Earhart: Sky is the limit for inspiring others

Amelia Earhart was an American aviation pioneer who didn't let anything stop her. Earhart's accomplishments inspired a generation. We are looking for a young person inspiring others.

Tenzing Norgay: Unsung hero

Tenzing Norgay was one of the first people to summit Everest with Edmund Hilary and without his quick thinking saving Edmunds life it may never have happened. Do you know an unsung hero? 

Jacques Cousteau: Making the world a better place 

Jacques Cousteau was a pioneer in marine conservation, this award is looking for a young person who cares for their environment and is making change in their local area.

Shackleton & Crew ( Group Award)

Ernest Shackleton and his crew survived a disaster when their ship the Endurance became trapped in sea ice for many months. Every member of his team made it home showing extraordinary teamwork. Do you know a group of young people who show extraordinary teamwork?

Alex Honnold: For showing extraordinary bravery

Alex Honnold was the first and only person to free solo climb 'El Capitan' a mountain in Yosemite national park. Do you know a young person who has shown extraordinary bravery?


Ranulph Fiennes: For overcoming obstacles

Ranulph Fiennes has had an amazing life with achievements such as being the first person to visit the north and south pole by surface means and climb Everest at 65. Although suffering a heart attack in 2003, 4 months later he completed seven marathons in seven days. We are looking for a young person who isn't scared of rising to the challenge and overcoming any obstacles.


Sacagawea: For welcoming strangers and looking after them.

Sacagawea travelled with the Lewis and Clarks expedition.  She was influential in the first contact with Native Americans in Louisiana. ( the story of Pocahontas is based on her) We are looking for a young person who has looked after a stranger.  


Nellie Bly: For championing others and showing courageous leadership

Nellie Bly was an American who was influential in speaking up for those that couldn't. launching a new kind of investigative journalism that benefited those in need. Do you know a young person who is championing others?