Sponsors join us to celebrate Bootle's remarkable children!


Peel Ports, One Vision Housing and the Strand Shopping Centre are the first of our amazing sponsors to back the fourth annual Believe Awards celebrating Bootle's remarkable children.

The event will take place at the Isla Galdstone Conservatory in Stanley Park on May 21st and will recoignise 7 children whose resilience, kindness, courage and fortitude.

The Believe Awards recognises remarkable children and young people from across Bootle who are nominated through schools and the wider community , and this year the event will take place at the Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Stanley Park on May 21st. Schools, youth groups, families and neighbours have been nominating children for the last 6 weeks and there are many inspirational children and young people whose stories are truly humbling.

Hosted by Claire Simmonds, this year's theme is World Changers and we will be recognising children who have made a difference in the world around them whether through facing great adversity or making life a little better for others. This year will also feature performances from MerseySwing and the Blue Magnolia Jass Orchestra and an opportunity for dancing after the event.

'The event is an amzing opportunity to make a difference in the life of a young person who might overwise be overlooked' said Claire , CEO of Ykids. 'We are so grateful to the sponsors who help us to make life changing memories for these young people. We especially want to thank Peel Ports, The Strand and One Vision Housing for their continued support.

Tickets are now on sale and can be booked through the believe awards website www.thebelieveawards.co.uk or by contacting the Ykids office 0151 9442111 or email: ykids99@yahoo.co.uk


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