The Award Categories and Winners


Not Just Cooking Award - NJC is a social enterprise which teaching cooking

and life skills. We are looking for a young person who plays a huge part in caring for

their family, cooking meals, helping with siblings and supporting their parents. ITS


Winner - Emily Irvine age 7


Face of Bootle Award - This project in 2008 brought together 3500 children from

across Bootle in creating a giant banner of thousands of faces to celebrate the Capital of Culture. We are looking for a child who is an ambassador for Bootle, who has shown by their exemplar behaviour and resilience that they can represent what is most commendable about children in Bootle.


Winner - Jack Corbett age 9 - Rimrose Hope C of E Primary


M.A.D.E. in Bootle Award- Make A Difference Everywhere in Bootle is a social action project teaching young people to how to become community leaders.We are looking for a young person who makes a difference in their community.


Winner - Stefan Price age 15


Bootle Children’s Literary Festival – this project in 2013 brought children from 17 schools together to work with famous children’s authors. We are looking for a young person who has achieved academically beyond what was expected of them or in spite of difficult or challenging circumstances.


Winner - Sophie Reardon age 14 - Hawthornes Free School


Mean Green Clean – This project in 2013 saw a group of 40 young people transform a local park. We are looking for a young person who cares about their environment and has made a difference to their environment and to those around them


Winner - Ellie Disley age 9 Linacre Primary


Made Up- This arts programme delivered a variety of programmes to promote self esteem through street dance, fashion, design and rap. We are looking for a young person who has used their creativity to make a difference in the lives of others or shows great promise in doing so in the future.

Winner -  Sophie Halliwell age 10 Bedford Primary


Redi Set Go- This project ran throughout 2012 inspiring children through the 7 values of the Olympics and teaching sport. We are looking for children who have shown great perseverance and commitment, pushing them selves to achieve and be one of life’s winners.


Winner -Demi -Lea Reardon age 11 Linacre Primary School


Callum Morgan age 15


Dream Coat Award – In 2010 Ykids ran a project to raise children’s aspirations creating a coat of coloured ribbons on which the children of Bootle had written their dreams. We are looking for a young person who has helped to make another’s dream come true, or is working towards achieving their dreams despite adversity.


Winner - Ethan Croxton age 9 Rimrose Hope Primary School


The Redi Project Award the Redi project is an empowerment and life skills programme which works to raise young peoples self esteem and aspirations. We are looking for a young person who is inspirational. Someone who encourages others and is a positive role model in our community.


Winner - Luke Hall age 9  St Bendicts Catholic Primary School


GREAT GROWN UP AWARD reaching children, changing lives. We want to celebrate children and youth workers, teachers, social workers, community leaders and parents across Bootle who make a difference to young peoples lives. Nominate an adult who you believe is dedicated to reaching children and changing lives.


Winner - Jan Clarke - Learning Mentor at Hawthornes Free School